Online Help

Thank you for viewing our Council District Search and Information tool.

Council District Information in the Pop-up

By clicking the Council District itself you can view Council District information including the Council District Person name.


There are 1 types of searches:

1. Address Search: Type part of an address in the search box. As you type, wait for a list of addresses to choose from. Click ‘Go’.

Map Based Navigation

There are several ways to interact with the map:

1. To select a different basemap, choose from the options in the Basemap tab.
2. Use your mouse scroll button to quickly zoom in and out.
3. Click the + or - to zoom in/out
4. Hold down the shift key and "drag a box" on the map to zoom in.
5. Hold down Ctrl+Shift to zoom out
6. Click on the house icon below the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ zoom icons to instantly return to the initial map view.

Reporting Concerns or Asking Questions

If you have a question about the accuracy or presence of a road, please click the Contact Us link.

Browser Compatibility

The Road Maintenance and Information Tool is supported on the following browsers: Microsoft IE 8/9/10, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.