Online Help

Thank you for viewing our Fire station and Hydrant Proximity tool.

Finding an Address

Type part of an address in the search box. As you type, wait for a list of addresses to choose from.

Map Based Navigation

There are several ways to interact with the map:

1. To select a different basemap, choose from the options in the Basemap tab.
2. Use your mouse scroll button to quickly zoom in and out.
3. Click the + or - to zoom in/out
4. Hold down the shift key and "drag a box" on the map to zoom in.
5. Hold down Ctrl+Shift to zoom out
6. Click on the house icon below the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ zoom icons to instantly return to the initial map view.

Measurement Tools

1. By simply opening the Measurement tab, you immediately enable the DISTANCE measurement tool capability. Now, click on the map to create your starting point. All subsequent clicks will add to your distance measurement until you double-click. This will signify the end of the measuring process and will update your total distance in lower part of the tab. Remember to measure along the road or sidewalks and not across properties where running fire hose would be problematic.
2. In this tab, an AREA measurement tool is available which works like the DISTANCE measurement. This can be used to determine acreage of a forest area to measure the area of effort to control a fire (for example), or to determine the acreage of a parcel.
3. Also available is a LOCATION tool which enables you to use the cursor to click a point on the map and immediately get the latitude / longitude of the location.

Five Road Mile Station Coverage

The Five Road Mile Station Coverage layer allows you to see at a glance all roads which are within 5 miles of a Duval County Fire Station by marking them red. Roads highlighted in yellow are beyond the 5 mile distance from any / all known stations.

Reporting Concerns or Asking Questions

If you have a question about the accuracy or presence of a hydrant location, please go the the JFRD “Contact Us” page and phone or e-mail with your question or concern.
If you have a question about an address, please browse to the page and click the “Contact Us” link.

Browser Compatibility

The Fire Station and Hydrant Proximity is supported on the following browsers: Microsoft IE 8/9/10, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.